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Kev0o a.k.a “Konnoisseur Kev0o


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 Kev0o a.k.a “Konnoisseur Kev0o”


Kev0o  was born in Bridgeport CT but currently resides in West haven CT .


Coming from Bridgeport , KevOo childhood wasn’t bad, He seen a lot of things that molded him into who he is today . KevOo believes your hood gives you lessons you can’t get in school so I was one of them kids where I noticed everything around me and playin sports helped me stay off the streets at a young age, I honestly thought I was gonna be a pro athlete not a artist at first . KevOo has been making music for 5 years , but that's not where it began . His passion for music comes from his dad being a producer and always having a studio next to his room. He would often hear him create beats and music late at night and he would  sneak in from time to time at a very young age. Even though he didn't fully step into the booth until he was 18/19 years old , He started off takin notes and watching everything when it came to creating music .


KevOo hugest influences in this rap game would have to be wiz Khalifa, Nore, Biggie, Nas, Eminem, Nore, Lil Wayne, usher, Mac Miller, Curren$y, Chinx. He believes these people are artist who innovated this game and shaped it to be how it is today.


What KevOo brings different to the rap game is that he gives people the motivation and the hope to get a person goin and the reality, even tho things might be ugly at the moment it doesn’t mean you can’t change that within time, He's known to bring a positive vibes that keep the people wantin more 


One of KevOo hopes is to achieve his goal within the next 1-5 years to work wit the artists that he grew up listening to .


-You can follow KevOo on ALL SOCIAL MEDIAS AT 

FB; Konnoisseur KevOo

IG/ Twitter; Kev0o_NLS


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Konnoisseur Kev0o
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A .Stoner Philosophy 2
All Day All Night - Kev0o Ft Raaz Al Ghul
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